Broken Composers is an acid DIY chainsaw super analog glitchy audio-visual duo. Kirill Rave and Rebënok.

A terror and scenical act where music, lasers and danсing people twists into something right and wrong, broken and restored, spontaneous and thought out together.
This is the Rave Lumia. Our very own patented invention. Effect based on the refraction and dispersion of the laser beam inside of glass prisms of complex shapes and variable thicknesses.

Unlike projectors, the laser beam has no resolution restrictions and borders. This is an absolutely analog image without any pixelation.
Passing lasers through a series of prisms of complex shape, we can create a projection of almost unlimited size.

This effect is hard to manage and order but we love it's disobediense and find the technique to tame it.

We create moving complex shapes and patterns keeping the lasers vibrant and continuously changing.
We create racy sounds, acoustic and synthetic at the same time.

Electronics interacts with custom made instruments, refurbished flutes, whistles, steel chains, hammers and pipes.

We shape those to everything around bittersweet acid, festive techno and screaming ambient.
We are performance.
Up to find the edge of the proper to broke and restore it into a nicely weird and reckless.