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The album created by the network of random generators. Real time and with minimal human involvement.
The experiment is based on field recordings — sound landscapes familiar to everyone who has been to Moscow.

Evening traffic jam on the Boulevard ring,  subway station deserted before midnight, sunlit basketball court at dormitory area, newbie cellist torturing his chello down the street underpass, chimes playing on the snow-covered Red Square.

The Random Network is similar to a conveyor or  a big orchestra, where each participant is responsible for his tiny little action.
One cuts the incoming audio to pieces of, maybe milliseconds, maybe dozensof minutes. Another builds them into rhythmic sequences. Third one tries to turn a piece of sound to a tune. The fourth imposes an occasional sound effect, like a weird endless echo.

300 random generators work at the same time, and most of the time they produce a little interesting noise, but sometimes the network seems to find inspiration, and it creates sound pattern s of amazing beauty and complexity.

We cut the human evolvement for as little as possible. The role of a person in this project about trying to capture the moment, isolate and save it to file.